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Jen is extremely professional but very personable and takes the time to get to know her buyers to make appropriate recommendations. We requested to look at a couple homes in areas she wasn't totally sure would be good fit for us with a growing family. She of course showed us the homes we wanted to see, but gently suggested a couple other areas that may be better suited to us. She was right!

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Choose Jen!! We couldn't be more thrilled with the results of working with Jen. Her quick response time put our minds at ease as every questions we had was answered within minutes of texting. She made sure to follow the new guidelines presented due to Covid-19. Our house sold in record time allowing us to waive our conditions and purchase our next home ASAP.

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I love working with Jen! I am a real estate investor and Jennifer has helped to build my portfolio. She always keeps in mind what might be of interest to me and passes it along. When I need property information quickly, Jen wastes no time reaching out to the listing agent to get the answers I need. This one time I needed to sell a property quickly and Jen came to the rescue.